Information Technology Study Program is  an answer to the changing need for IT experts in the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The high of the human need to be productive anywhere and anytime needs to be assisted by credible infrastructure, dependable cybersecurity so that business and data distribution via the internet is safe, and industrial acceleration supported by intelligent robots which is the focus of Information Technology Study Program in line with the vision, mission, and objectives.

concentration department

Cyber Security (csi)

CSI specialization is aimed at students who have an interest in becoming computer network engineers who are specifically concerned with protecting networks from attacks and irresponsible intrusions. This specialization is closely related to how company data and information continue to understand Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

robotics (rob)

The IoT Robotics specialization is aimed at students who have an interest in becoming IoT engineers who specifically develop artificial intelligence electronically and produce robots that are used to improve human productivity performance. This specialization is closely related to the development of a smart industry where the automation process can be done automatically.


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PS Information Technology opened my eyes to the influence of IT on industry, society and the world in general, IT is so cool!

Patrick Pratama Hendri (1932024)