Workshop Pengembangan Konten Pembelajaran Digital

UIB’s Information Technology Undergraduate Program (PS TI) has conducted a Digital Content Development Workshop with the help of the Digital Learning Development and Implementation Program (P3D) Funds from the Ministry of Higher Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

Technological change is one of the factors determining social change in society and individuals. Conventional learning patterns using printed media are being replaced with digital media that is attractive and interactive. The development of digital technology has the potential to be a distraction factor for student learning, for example the use of gadgets during lectures. However, every challenge always has opportunities that can be developed. Lecturers are the backbone of higher education and must be able to adapt quickly to develop creativity to build innovative learning methods by utilizing digital technology. One of them is utilizing gadgets to support the learning process, such as smartphones and tablets. So that the learning process can run mobile, i.e., students can access learning materials without being limited to place and time. Of course, to be able to develop it requires increasing the insight and skills of lecturers.

This Digital Content Development Workshop invited keynote from Makassar State University (UNM), namely Mr. Hartoto, S.Pd., M.Pd., who served as the Coordinator of the Online Learning System Management Team at UNM.

Workshop Pengembangan Konten Pembelajaran Digital

This workshop is divided into 3 (three) sessions of which two sessions are held online and one session is held offline, with different themes for each session, namely: Gamification Content Development Workshop in Digital Learning, Digital Learning Tutorial Content Development Workshop, and Gamification Content Development & Digital Learning Tutorial Evaluation Workshop.

The objectives of the implementation of this Digital Content Development activity are as follows:

  1. Improving the ability of lecturers to prepare innovative learning content and media to facilitate students in the learning process to achieve the goal of mastering knowledge and skills.
  2. Improving the quality of lecturers in managing effective and efficient, and innovative learning.
  3. Improved indicators of the achievement of the tridharma of higher education in the field of teaching.

The output of this activity is achieved by the involvement of course lecturers in compiling Digital Content.

Workshop Pengembangan Konten Pembelajaran Digital